Miss World (brokenbabydoll) wrote in ghetto_fab,
Miss World

fur coat

I have this fur coat that has been sitting in my closet for quite a while.
I'm never going to wear it.
It's rabbit fur with leather ties.
It doesn't have a size tag, but It would fit a medium.

I got it at a consignment shop, so it's used but still in good shape.

I'm asking $70 OBO! I paid a lot for it!

If you'd like more pictures, leave your email and I'll send them to you.
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that's a lot..
and the reason why i say this is because you can get a real fur coat at the leather store.. i can't remember the name for the life of me.. for 80 or less..
I paid close to $90 for it used.

But like I said: Or Best Offer.

I understand not everyone has that kind of money. If someone made a decent offer, enough to cover s&h and all, I'd probably accept it.

I need whatever money I can get right now.