<3 (nance_pantz) wrote in ghetto_fab,

shopping list?

aritee ladies so its my birthday in a couple weeks n i lost some weight plus im gettin like... 300 bucks or so and i definetly wanna go on a complete shopping spree..so i need to make a list of what i want :) basically my style is really athletic, all i wear is crazy stylish sweat suits and stuff like that so here's what i got so far...help me out :) ...

- puma or adidas shorts + tshirt + zip up hoodie track suit ... kinda the missy elliot look but wit shorts..
- the new ecko shoes...the white 1's that r kinda like air force but the rhino goes into the buckle :)
- a blue marlin hoodie + matching skirt...these r so sexy, usually a blue marlin team like the red n white brooklyn 1 or the blue and yellow new york 1 i think?
- ecko red sweats + matching tee ( the one's with the think elastic dat sez ecko red on it)
- gwen stefani lesportsac l.a.m.b. purse
- a Spurs jersey

damm i want so much more... lol so obviously i wont have enuff for EVERYTHING, but help me out and tell me what else is hot for my style rite now ?!

- nanCie
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